Organizational Change Management & Learning

Whether you’re implementing a minor process change or undertaking a large-scale reorganization, your team will need help to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. Tricon Change Managers offer best-of-breed methods to provide a structured approach to sponsorship, stakeholder engagement and implementation of strategic change tactics and communications.

OCM Maturity Assessment

Is your organization equipped to support your staff when they are asked to adapt to concurrent changes? We can help determine the level of change readiness in your organization, what it can be doing to support change initiatives, and what new strategies can be employed at an organizational or management level to better support change with your working level resources.

Communications Planning & Delivery

Communications services are ideal when point-in time communications are required, and buy-in is a critical success factor. Communications planning and delivery can help to ensure that an accurate message is delivered through effective channels, to the right audience, with the desired outcome. Content that mirrors your culture, effective mediums that reach the right audiences, and delivery plans that work within existing communications channels are all valuable considerations when providing communications services.

Awareness Campaigns

The first step to influence a change in behavior is to ensure your staff or audience has awareness of the change, why they should change, and the benefits of change adoption. It might not be appropriate for every stakeholder to hear the same message, or for the timing of each message to be the same. We work with you to develop and implement an awareness campaign when communications needs to be rolled-out to a mass audience and you want to get the message right the first time you deliver it.

Instructional Design & Development

High quality and creative adult learning strategies, learning design and development, and new methods of training delivery are all components of effective training and adult learning. Tricon instructional design services may include instructional design strategy, training content development, and definition of recommended delivery mechanisms.

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